Our production line is established to follow the multi-item and small q'ty order flexibly in manaufacturing Auto-Desk,and low cost and high efficiency is available, and all line is designed worker to concentrate their idea. Our production machine is not high price,but we use it economically and efficiently, now introduce our workshop.
Cutting Team
The cutting team cuts the woods and other materials according to the drawing.
Enging Team
The cut sides are to be finished by the automatic edge bander, and the curved face is processed by the curve edge bander.
Boring Team
Boring team bores the bottom, upper, left, right side plates at the precise points to assemble the parts into the final product. The boring machine is able to bore automatically up to maximum 36 axles in respective sides and the tolerance is maintained as low as 0.1 mm which makes the assembled product function in best quality.
Assembling Team
Assembling team puts the accessories into the finished panels of the final products. During this process many kinds of jigs are used for better precision, and first inspection on the parts conducted here.
Packing Team
1. Complete the final product, assembling parts in each panel
2. Conduct finished produts thoroughly including functioning test, exterior test, accessory test, etc.
3. Wash each parts of the products which passed previous inspection, pack the products and stack in the warehouse.
※The knock down products are packed directly into the box instead of being assembled.