Basic Style
  - Model : PCD-1000
- Size : 900W*760D*745H
- Rising Height : 745~1000mm automatical control
- Monitor : 14"~17" multiple use
- Electricity : 14.5 V adaptor
- Price Terms(FOB) : $ /EA
- Minimum Quantity : one container (It's possible to discuss about other sizes)
Product Explanation
  This is the multipurpose automatic desk, It can be used for a normal desk, a teaching desk and a computer desk. Its height can be controled from 745mm to 1000mm. Especially it can be a teaching desk and a computer desk during the lecture. So it can form the advanced education environment.  
Use and Features
  - Optimal for teaching desks and normal desks in classrooms.
- Possibility of height control fitting to body shapes.
- Lecture with computers possible.
- Good security by key-installation.
- Convenient movement by wheel-rolling.
- Insulated-connection of wire.
- Suitable for teaching desks at shool.
Special Features
  - International Patent Rights attained from Korea, U.S.A and Japan.
- Selling of end-products. - Semi-processed goods possible.
- Exclusive right for long-time contract possible.
- Technology transference possible.
- Production and supply in various sizes and options available.